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STFS Photo Competition

STFS runs a photo competition every year in order to build an image bank of photographs suitable for use on the STFS website and in other HEE associated sites/publications.

Submissions can be made by individual foundation doctors or on behalf of a trust.

All of the photos submitted are reviewed, and those selected for use will receive a certificate.

In addition, the overall winning entry will be used on the cover of the 2017 STFS prospectus. All photographs selected for use will receive an acknowledgement on the STFS website.

Guidance for submission:



Photograph Competition

STFS ran a photograph competition in 2015 to encourage trainees to take photographs which were to be included in a range of publications such as the STFS website and prospectus. Many of these photographs were excellent and a £50 Amazon gift voucher was awarded to the best entries.

The winners were:

  • Dr Zoya Hamakarim
  • Dr Miles Gandolfi
  • Lizzy O'Mahony

The winner of the 2013 competition was:

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