Allocation to F2 Programmes

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Allocation to F2 programmes commencing August 2017

STFS doctors are provisionally allocated to 2-year linked programmes. Usually the F1 and F2 years are based at different sites, with no more than one year in a HE South London hospital or within a teaching hospital. All the programmes are designed to be educationally balanced and provide exposure to a range of specialties during the two years.

In principle, current STFS F1 doctors are allocated to an F1 programme which is linked to an F2 trust. A small number of trainees have F1 programmes without a linked trust and these are noted as To Be Confirmed (TBC). We will contact F1s with a TBC F2 trust with further information on the process for allocation to an F2 trust.

The process for allocation to F2 programmes will take place in a secure online web programme (Cello) supported by STFS. Full details will be published here.


F2 allocation timeline

26 September 2016 F2 2017/18 allocation timeline published
27 September 2016 FDs with current Special Circumstances (SpC) will be emailed to enquire whether they wish to reapply for Special Circumstances for their F2 year
17 October 2016 Deadline for receipt of F2 Special Circumstances applications
24 October 2016 SpC applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application
24 October 2016 FDs with approved SpC and/or a TBC F2 linked Trust will be emailed the list of all Trust sites to rank in their order of preference
07 November 2016 Deadline for receipt of ranked Trust site preferences
14 November 2016 SpC and TBC FDs will be emailed to inform them of their allocated F2 Trust
03 January 2017 All FDs will be emailed their pins and passwords for the online allocation system (Cello)
09 January 2017 The online allocation system will open for FDs to rank all of the programmes within their allocated F2 Trust in their order of preference
23 January 2017 The online allocation system will close
27 February 2017 All FDs will be emailed to inform them of their allocated F2 programme
27 February 2017 Registration for the Swap Shop opens
20 March 2017 Registration for the Swap Shop closes
27 March 2017 The Swap Shop opens
17 April 2017 The Swap Shop closes
24 April 2017 Swap Shop applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application
28 April 2017 F2 2017/18 allocation will be finalised and Trust informed of their 2017/18 F2 FDs


F2 allocation system 

Foundation doctors will log into a password-protected, online form to access a list of the available F2 programmes within their allocated trust.

They will be asked to complete an application form and to confirm their acceptance of the STFS registration agreement. Foundation doctors will then rank all of the programmes available to them in order of preference.

Allocations to programmes will be made using trainees' original Foundation Training application score (FPAS) and with due regard to the educational balance of their F1/F2 years.


Educational Balance

The aim of Foundation Training is to provide educationally balanced, generic two year programmes which enable trainees to acquire Foundation Programme competencies.  To ensure educational balance, all STFS posts are classified as medical, surgical, community or other.  This information is contained in columns J and K of the programme data spreadsheet (please see "F2 Programme data" below).

Over the 2-year foundation programme your programme should contain no more than:

  • 8 months in a surgical specialty
  • 8 months in a community specialty
  • 4 months in a psychiatry placement

You cannot repeat a community specialty (e.g. G.P., community paediatrics) but it may be possible to repeat one medical, surgical or other sub-specialty, depending on availability of posts.

You can find a guidance document which categorises specialties by medical, surgical, community, and other on the right of this page. 


F2 Programme Data

Further information on the F2 programmes at each of our trusts is available for you to download from our website:  This can be filtered by specialty, location etc. to help you with ranking your programme preferences offline.

On this page you can also review the Individual Post Descriptors (IPDs) which are arranged by specialty and identified by their “National Post Number”.


STFS F2 Swap Shop

After F2 allocation, it is possible for doctors to arrange to swap their provisionally allocated F2 programme via the STFS F2 Swap Shop. You can find details of the process at the top right hand side of this page.