STFS Photo Competition

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STFS runs a photo competition every year in order to build an image bank of photographs suitable for use on the STFS website and in other HEE associated sites/publications.

Submissions can be made by individual foundation doctors or on behalf of a trust.

All of the photos submitted are reviewed, and those selected for use will receive a certificate.

In addition, the overall winning entry will be used on the cover of the 2017 STFS prospectus. All photographs selected for use will receive an acknowledgement on the STFS website.

Guidance for submission:

  • Submissions cannot be considered without completing the consent form in full and returning it to us with the photographs. Typed signatures will not be accepted.
  • A consent form must be completed for each photograph submitted (available on the right hand side to download)
Photos can contain staff and trainees
  • We are keen to have photos of foundation doctors with or without other staff
  • Doctors on duty must be adhering to hospital dress codes e.g. bare below the elbows
  • Everyone in the photograph must sign the consent form (available on the right hand side to download)
Photos containing the following will not be eligible:
  • Images of individuals holding alcoholic drinks
  • Landscapes, lone images of hospital building etc

Submissions for 2016 have now closed.

The successful submission for the 2016 photo competition was from:

  • Sophia Khattak

Previous submissions


  • Zoya Hamakarim
  • Miles Gandolfi
  • Lizzy O'Mahony


  • Dr Kee-Cheung Lee


  • Dr Rachael Mellor
  • Dr Itunuayo Ayeni


  • Dr David Metcalfe
  • Dr Rishi Shonpal


  • Dr Lennard Lee
  • Dr Jenn Wong


  • Dr Jakibai Kimis
  • Dr Lennard Lee
  • Dr Sophie Maladouti
  • Dr Chris Turnbull