Visas - Tier 4 Sponsorship

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The UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) has agreed to undertake the role of Tier 4 sponsor on the understanding that they had the full support of the four UK health departments and that all Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs), through their postgraduate deaneries, comply with the terms of a service level agreement (SLA) in order that the UKFPO can comply with the reporting requirements complicit with being a Tier 4 sponsor.

As part of this service level agreement, South Thames Foundation School (STFS) is required to monitor the sponsored foundation doctors with Tier 4 status within each trust.

By signing the SLA, the Hospital/Trust has agreed to:

  • Monitor sponsored foundation doctors with Tier 4 visa status
  • remind sponsored foundation doctors with Tier 4 visa status that it is also their responsibility to engage with the monitoring process and advise the Hospital/Trust about any issues
  • report to STFS within seven working days of the information becoming known or the event occurring.
Activities to be reported upon

Employers must report the following to STFS (via Andrea Taylor – any of the following issues within 7 working days of the information being known using the Activity Report Form on the right hand side of this page:

  • the UKBA visa application has been refused
  • the start date is/will be delayed (e.g. visa issues, missed flight to UK etc.)
  • the doctor did not enrol/ turn up for their first day of work as expected
  • the doctor has their foundation programme withdrawn (e.g. is dismissed or FP not held open)
  • the doctor withdraws/resigns from the foundation programme (post enrolment)
  • the doctor completes the Foundation Programme earlier than expected
  • the doctor changes their sponsorship/immigration category
  • the doctor has a change to the length of the programme (e.g. extended / remedial training required)
  • the doctor is deferring/taking leave from the foundation programme (statutory/maternity leave only)
  • the doctor *intends to/has moved to another foundation school
  • the doctor takes more than 10 consecutive days leave without permission OR misses x10 ‘expected contacts**’ (expected contacts could be teaching sessions etc.)
  • Other (e.g. name change, visa application refused but later overturned via appeal, requests to work less than full time, a suspected breach of visa conditions or any other information relevant to sponsorship).

* Please note that reporting a change of foundation school will not affect the doctor’s visa status as long as the other foundation school still offers a recognised foundation programme and the doctor is not transferring to a service/locum post. This detail is important and the UKFPO must keep a record of the doctor’s primary place of study, which is shown as the foundation school to which s/he is studying, as agreed with the UKBA.

** Expected contacts include any instance where the foundation doctor is expected to attend a lesson, lecture, tutorial, seminar or scheduled meeting with tutors or advisors in relation to their foundation programme. If the foundation doctor misses an expected contact due to covering service delivery needs, it should NOT be counted as a missed contact.

Any Tier 4 queries should be directed to

For further Tier 4 Visa information, please access the following link