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Dr Toolbox - Local Knowledge for Local Doctors

Dr Toolbox is a website set up and run by junior doctors that provides up-to date information relevant to other junior doctors within their trust. The site has been created to help doctors retain local hospital knowledge and pass it on to their successors, so that they can hit the ground running, thereby, improving efficiency and patient safety.

The site lets you access information such as:

  • Bleep numbers of doctors in the hospital both during the week and out of hours 
  • Extension numbers for wards, secretaries and other sites 
  • Commonly used reference guides specific to the hospital, downloadable to your computer and mobile 
  • How to make speciality referrals within the hospital 
  • How to request specific investigations within the hospital 
  • Handover guides for firms 
  • A resource for teaching and post graduate medical education


The Doctor Toolbox Hub is available at http://www.dr-toolbox.com 

How can you get involved?

Site Editor

Dr Toolbox is always looking for enthusiastic editors so why not get involved? To become a site editor speak to your Toolbox champion (your Foundation Training Programme Director). Click here to create your editor account using a Trust, nhs.net or doctors.org email address. For more information on the role of a site editor read the following document.

All doctors

If you think the information featured is incorrect or not complete you can send an email to your site editor who will be able to rectify this.  Just click on your hospital site to access their contact details.

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