Photograph Competition

STFS ran a photograph competition in 2015 to encourage trainees to take photographs which were to be included in a range of publications such as the STFS website and prospectus. Many of these photographs were excellent and a £50 Amazon gift voucher was awarded to the best entries.

The winners were:

  • Dr Zoya Hamakarim
  • Dr Miles Gandolfi
  • Lizzy O'Mahony

The winner of the 2013 competition was:

  • Dr Kee-Cheung Lee

The winners of the 2012 competition were:

  • Dr Rachael Mellor
  • Dr Itunuayo Ayeni

The winners of the 2011 competition were:

  • Dr David Metcalfe
  • Dr Rishi Shonpal

The winners of the 2010 competition were:

  • Dr Lennard Lee
  • Dr Jenn Wong

The winners of the 2009 competition were:

  • Dr Jakibai Kimis
  • Dr Lennard Lee
  • Dr Sophie Maladouti
  • Dr Chris Turnbull