e-training for trainers

e-training for trainers (etft), available at www.etft.co.uk,  is a generic, open access, interactive e-learning platform which uses video clips and self-assessment to deliver training to trainers. It is linked to a database which records details of those who have completed the training modules; this list can be accessed by employers.

The GMC require that anyone assessing learning encounters in the workplace must be trained in assessment methodology, in providing feedback and in equality and diversity awareness. Lists of those trained are also required.

There are 500-1000 potential assessors of postgraduate doctors/medical students within an individual NHS trust. It is not always feasible to train everyone via workshops whereas an open access, online package, linked to a database of those trained, is a more cost effective and practical way to deliver this training in order to meet the national requirement.

The courses are designed for those providing training for doctors and medical students. They are suitable for doctors and other healthcare workers, such as nurses, who may be involved in assessing or providing feedback to doctors. 

Medical students and trainees may find them useful too.

The GP specialty training course has been designed specifically to support GP trainers in the delivery of specialty training in general practice.

You can browse the site without having to register.  However, it is necessary to register and log-in in order to work through a module, complete the brief assessment and record your results, and to print/download a certificate as evidence of training.

The training videos can be viewed in the following formats:

  • High quality - where firewalls permit
  • Lower quality - for older computers
  • With subtitles - for computers with no sound / shared offices
  • As stills with subtitles - where firewalls etc preclude watching videos

Successfully completed modules are valid for 3-years, following which assessors will be required to renew their training.

eTFT modules have been assessed to be in line with GMC guidance by HE KSS and educationalists from the University of London as meeting the above GMC requirement.

The supervised learning event/workplace based assessment courses (hospital and GP specialty training) consist of modules which have drawn on relevant publications, such as Improving Assessment, published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (2009), Learning and assessment in the clinical environment – the way forward, published by the GMC (2011), the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2012) and the Curriculum for Specialty Training for General Practice (2006).

In addition to supervised learning event/workplace based assessment courses, a simulation course has been developed to support trainers in the planning and delivery of simulated training events.

This freely available educational initiative has been developed to support the professional development of trainers on behalf of the NHS and other partner organisations by South Thames Foundation School / HE KSS.