Induction to STFS

STFS F1 ARCP Guidance 2017-18.pdf298.1 KB
STFS F2 ARCP Guidance 2017-18.pdf225.11 KB
STFS Induction F1 2018.pdf1.66 MB
STFS Induction F2 2018.pdf1.54 MB

STFS asks its associated trusts to deliver a presentation to new F1 and F2 trainees to inform them about the role of the school in their training and the requirements thereof.  They are delivered by FTPDs during August, but ideally at a different time to the main hospital induction. 

If any doctor is away on that day, STFS asks that someone go though the slides with the absentee, so we can be sure that all of our doctors are aware at the beginning what is required of them during the year.

The slides are available to download on the right hand side of this page, in either PDF handout format or as the original powerpoint presentations.