Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

Less than full time (LTFT)
also known as flexible training

STFS manages trainees across two Health Education areas: HEKSS and HE South London. Each has different administrative and funding arrangements in place for LTFT (also referred to as Flexible) training. The appropriate arrangements will depend on which deanery an employing trust is affiliated to.

Slot-sharing tends to provide the most effective means of meeting educational needs and must be explored before alternative options are considered. In slot-sharing two trainees share one full-time post and the pro-rata out-of-hours, if this is required, is managed between them. Each doctor is paid as an individual trainee. LTFT trainees must work a minimum of 50% to ensure educational approval.  Trainees should not normally be permitted to engage in any other paid employment whilst undertaking flexible training.   However, there will be occasions when short notice additional duties are required in order to deliver a service to patients and LTFT may undertake extra duties to assist colleagues, as this is professional behaviour.

Details of the LTFT/flexible training arrangements for both HEKSS and HE South London can be found at the links below. (Details of which trusts are affiliated with HEKSS and HE South London are available at http://www.stfs.org.uk/trusts.)

HEKSS: http://www.ksseducation.hee.nhs.uk/specialty/support/ltft/

HE South London: http://www.lpmde.ac.uk/training-programme/training-matters/less-than-full-time-training