'F3' Opportunities

Many doctors choose to take a year out between foundation and further training.

We have set up this page to provide information about local opportunities as well as links to other information such as careers via our alumni newsletter. If you have a post you would like to have listed on this webpage please send it in the first instance to cathy.fuller@hee.nhs.uk.

Employment Opportunities

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Revalidation and prescribed connection information

When you move on to your next role (either in training or non-training) it is important that you update the GMC with details of your prescribed connection (name of your new designated body for revalidation). You will need to log on to GMC online to do this.

If you intend to undertake locums/short term posts in the UK you are still required to have a prescribed connection and update GMC Online. Please check with the locum agency/employing body which designated body you are assigned to. If your agency/employer does not know who your Designated Body should be, you can also try the GMC's simple online tool to work it out or call the GMC Contact Centre.

Working abroad

If you intend to work abroad/not undertake any clinical practice in the UK you should update GMC online to indicate that you do not have a prescribed connection. You may wish to consider relinquishing your full licence to practise and changing to registration only status, to save yourself both money and significant administrative effort. See the GMC's website for more information about why, and for more information about the difference it would make to your licence fees. It should only take about two weeks to reinstate your full licence once you return to the UK.

See the GMC website for further information and links about revalidation.

Approved Practice Setting (APS)

From 3 December 2012, all UK and International Medical Graduate doctors granted full registration for the first time, and all doctors returning to full registration after a prolonged period out of UK practice, are restricted to practising only in an APS for 12 months. The GMC automatically removes this restriction from a doctor's registration when they revalidate for the first time after joining, or returning to, the register. You can also ask the GMC to remove reference to this restriction from your registration status any time after 12 months' practice in an APS.

See the GMC website for further information and links on Approved Practice Settings (APS).

Information required by specialty schools

If you are beginning a specialty training programme in the UK your specialty school is likely to ask you to provide them with a copy of your FACD and your most recent ARCP outcome form. These can be downloaded from your e-Portfolio.

You should be aware that FACDs are valid for a period of only 3-years. If you decide to apply for specialty training more than 3-years after completing your foundation training, you will be required to submit an Alternative Certificate of Foundation Competence. See the HEE specialty website for guidance on the Alternative Certificate.


STFS Alumni - we're always pleased to hear about the achievements of former STFS doctors. Please do stay in touch and let us know about anything interesting that you're involved in. We will include links to this information on our website

While some doctors wish to travel, others are looking for more local options, often short-term, to explore different specialties and other roles.  It seems to be hard both for these doctors to find such opportunities and for trusts to identify suitable individuals for suitable roles such as education or simulation fellows.

A new page has been set up to provide links to trusts offering educational posts (which may include some service work), though we do not have the resources to duplicate a full recruitment website as might be used for locums.

If you have a post you would like to have listed on this webpage please send it in the first instance to cathy.fuller@hee.nhs.uk.