Mandatory and Statutory Training - MAST

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The Streamlining/Induction Project (SLIP) undertook to identify the mandatory and statutory training (MAST) requirements for foundation doctors and agree a common standard for their delivery and recognition. The project was jointly supported by HESL and HEKSS.

Update - June 2018

Acute trusts across HEE South London and HEE KSS have collaborated in agreeing common standards for mandatory and statutory training (MAST), including duration, for foundation doctors.

Following this, STFS has produced a MAST passport which is a record of all completed mandatory and statutory training modules for each foundation doctor. Please find below a table that lists the modules and their refresher periods. 

This passport will be recognised and transferable across all STFS affiliated trusts. The standards were nationally developed and agreed based on current legislation and relevant expert guidance. All subjects included meet the requirements of the Core Skills framework produced by Skills for Health.

Table of MAST modules with their refresher periods:

Subject Valid for
Infection Control/Hand Hygiene One year
Information Governance One year
Resuscitation One year
Fire Safety Two years
Equality and Diversity Three years
Health and Safety Three years
Moving and Handling Three years
Safeguarding adults Three years
Safeguarding children Three years

A sample MAST passport is available to download from the right hand side of this page.

Annually, in June, Trusts will receive an up to date record of all mandatory and statutory training for F1s who will be joining the Trust as F2s. Please complete your spreadsheets and return to Cathy Fuller by Monday 16th July 2018 latest.

STFS appreciates all the support and effort from Trust colleagues that has gone into making this work possible.