Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust

 Trust Details 

Trust name

Kent and Medway NHS Social Care and Partnership Trust (Known as KMPT)

Hospital Site/Clinic (if applicable)

Training Programme Areas: Dartford, Medway, Maidstone, Pembury/Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet.

Inpatient and Community sites.


KMPT Trust Headquarters The Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust HQ Farm Villa Hermitage Lane Maidstone Kent  ME16 9PH

Trust Switchboard Tel No

01622 724 100

Trust web site

Medical Education Department website

Trust foundation web page

Terms and Conditions of employment

Under SEAT – all Foundation Trainees should be employed through their respective Acute trust whilst on training placement in Psychiatry.

Key Personnel

Director of Medical Education 

Dr Aamer Sarfraz

Locality Tutors

Dr Tony Beirne (Dartford)

Dr Mallika Sundaram (Medway)                                                                                               

Dr Maria Agundez (East Kent)

Dr Hina Agha (Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells) 

Foundation Leads

 Dr Rehab Khalifa – East Kent

Dr Samina Karamat – West Kent

Careers Tutor(s)


Medical Education Manager

Mrs Angela Pendleton  

Medical Staffing Manager

Jacquie Dixon

Foundation Programme Administrator(s)

Laura Griffiths

Kelie Jest – Acting Education Registrar
Academic programme and tasters


Postgraduate centre       

Main Education Centre - St. Martins Hospital, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1TD

Other Offices:
1st Floor Psychiatry Office, Maidstone Academic Centre, Maidstone Hospital, Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, ME16 9QQ

Elizabeth Raybould Centre, Greenacres, Bow Arrow Lane, Dartford, DA2 6PB


No overnight accommodation available at KMPT 

Social activities 


Doctors' mess 

On-Call  & Doctors’ Resource Rooms are available at:
St Martins Hospital Canterbury – equipped with kitchen facilities, TV, DVD and PC
Priority House, Maidstone Hospital– equipped with sofa bed and pc and Little Brook Hospital equipped with, PCs, books, TV/DVD, Tea/coffee.

Library facilities 

Trainees have access to any of the following Acute Trust libraries:
Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust
East Kent Hospital Universities NHS Foundation Trust
Medway NHS Foundation Trust

As mentioned above, KMPT also hold their own Resource rooms and PC Suites available at:
The Resource Room, Archery House, Littlebrook Hospital Dartford
The Education Centre, PC Suite, Canterbury St Martins
Resource Room, Canada House, Gillingham

IT facilities 

There are various facilities across the trust in the form of hot desks, generic trust spaces with networked and non networked PCs available.
All trainees will have access to KMPT Cloud where you will then be able to log onto the KMPT network and access your files and drives anywhere outside the Trust via an internet connection.

Other facilities 

Free car parking at many Psychiatry trust sites.

Local amenities/attractions                                     

There are many attractions across Kent and Medway – the list is endless and something for everyone.

Transport links 

Across Kent and Medway.

Parking arrangements 

As per each site – refer to the medical education team at the time of enquire for more information.

Accolates/achievements of the trust

Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) provides psychiatry placements and training for doctors all over the county of Kent. KMPT was ranked joint first (higher training) and third (core training) in England regarding popularity for recruitment in the National General Medical Council (GMC) Survey in 2015.

Raising awareness about mental health is high a priority for our Trust. This year we have provided
awareness training to over 600 staff from Kent Police. The research based course covers the cause of mental illness, the law and detainment under the mental health act preventing suicide, how medication works, the myths and facts about suicide and the safest way to restrain people with mental health problems. We are also working with service users and carers to promote safety and develop new ways of assessing and managing the risk of suicide, violence and other risks. Signing up to NHS England’s ‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign means that, as a Trust, we have made pledges.

The Trust is proud to be at the forefront of an innovative combined arts and music therapy project which is a possible first for the UK. The project, which involves 100 service users across all age group producing artwork with accompanying music, places a strong emphasis on collaboration between service users and a positive experience of shared working for all those involved. A booklet is being produced to help others who want to implement similar projects.

As well as being innovative, the Trust has also been commended for several initiatives over the
past year. One of our recovery clinics in Maidstone was highly commended for its work in the `Improving Care for People in a Mental Health Crisis’ Category at the National Positive Practice in Mental Health Awards in Sheffield. Academically, a psychology student together with a service user won the best submitted academic prize at the National Conference of the Faculty of the Psychology of Older People for their poster and presentation on frontotemporal dementia.

We are providing national leadership in developing a fire setting intervention group programme for mentally disordered offenders. The programme has been rolled out across 15 Forensic Services across the country.

We have also placed a focus on training through various initiatives such as providing training on person centred care planning to care homes. The training was carried out by the KMPT Home
Treatment Service. The training covered the following topics: What is dementia, person centred care, communication, occupation, physical health and understanding behaviour. Internally, 17 of our staff are training in ‘open dialogue’, which is a social network based intervention.

The Trust has held several successful conferences such as our first Quality Call to Action Conference, which was attended by over 100 delegates and included presentations and workshops influenced by the Quality Account 2013 -2014 with `carers’ as the theme. We held a conference to discuss and celebrate recovery within KMPT. A number of pledges were made by attendees during the day this included the following pledge `Improving our use of language to be more hopeful and collaborative’. We also held our first carers and service users conferences, which were hosted by the Chief Executive and provided input into service development. We will be continuing to plan future carer and service-users conferences throughout 2015.

Any additional information 


Foundation programme specific information

Inductions/shadowing arrangements                                        

Full extensive Induction process for the four monthly training placements. 2 days shadowing available for August new starters, Weekly tasters are available locally.

Educational and clinical supervision

All Supervisors are trained and offer support and supervision as programmed and on request.

Teaching programme

Academic Programme – full day, fortnightly on a Tuesday. Tasters- pick and choose the session to attend.


Academic Programme – full day, fortnightly on a Tuesday. Tasters- pick andWe are flexible in our approach to tasters in Psychiatry as there are many subspecialties to ‘taste’.  We have a great teaching consultant and SAS Body who will offer all manner of ‘tasters’ to fit in with your time and programme.  Please contact the Medical Education Manager for more information.

Tasters to consider as an example:-

  • Eating Disorders
  • Peri-natal Psychiatry
  • Forensics
  • Access
  • Crisis Home Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Liaison
  • Older Adult


Simulation Lead – Dr Titi Akinsola  Simulation Training for Foundation Psychiatry trainees commenced in September 2014. As part of an ongoing program, simulation training sessions are now provided to all foundation trainees rotating in Psychiatry in collaboration with Medway Maritime Foundation Trust. Training is focused on psychiatric history taking, mental state examination, and risk assessment.

Foundation doctor forums

 Medical Education invite them to meet twice a year formally. In addition, they have Balint Groups, and reflective sessions on Academic days.