South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

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South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

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Maudsley | Bethlem Royal | Lambeth | Ladywell Unit, Lewisham | Croydon University Hospital | St.Thomas’ Hospital


Trust Head Quarters, Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8AZ

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0203 228 6000

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Key personnel

Director of Medical Education 

Dr Gopinath Ranjith                                                                                                 

Locality Tutor


Foundation Training Programme Director(s)

Dr Gopinath Ranjith

Careers Tutor(s)


Medical Education Manager

Ms Carolyn Field

 Medical Staffing Manager

Ms Janet Anderson

 Foundation Programme Administrator

Polly Khan


Postgraduate centre      

The Postgraduate Centre issituated on the lower ground floor of Eileen Skellern House at the Maudsley Hospital site. The Postgraduate Administration team are based in the centre, and there are hot desking facilities and a bookable meeting room for Trainees and Training Programme Tutors to use.


SLaM offers staff accommodation at various sites around South East London at affordable rents via our housing partners Affinity Sutton.

Please contact on Lyn Pester 020 3228 4840 or  on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Social activities 

The Junior Doctors Committee meets regularly, and plans a huge range of events; Film Clubs, Creative Writing Groups, Socials, Computer Game Clubs, Creative Writing Workshops, and Summer and Winter Balls.

For further details contact JDC President, Will Marsh via email:  or Vice-President Luke Skelton

Doctors' mess 

Doctor’s Common Rooms are available on all the main hospital sites, with computers and kitchen facilities. At the Lambeth Hospital site, there is a Junior Doctor’s office in Reay House, and a Doctor’s flat, with shower facilities.

Library facilities 

The SLaM Library is based at 1st Floor, Reay House, Lambeth Hospital. Staff can borrow <10 books at a time, and access computers, journals and photocopying. Trainees are also given access to the KCL libraries at the Weston Education Centre and at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

IT facilities 

There are hot desk facilities available at all major SLaM sites and SLaM IT network offers free Wi-Fi service to all staff. All trainees will have access to ePJS (Electronic Patient Journey System). 

Other facilities 

There is a swimming pool at the Bethlem and a gym at both the Bethlem and Maudsley site.
The Trust has two nurseries, Cedar House at the Maudsley and Winchilsea House at the Bethlem.  Both nurseries are registered with OFSTED.

Local amenities/attractions                                          

Bethlem Museum of the Mind is in the Hospital's former administration building. Its displays offer unparalleled resources to support learning about the history of mental healthcare and treatment. There is no charge for entry.

The Maudsley is situated in Camberwell, and close to Peckham, and Lambeth Hospital is in between Clapham and Brixton. These areas are vibrant parts of South London with a range of restaurants, bars, galleries and parks. There is quick access to central London.

The Ladywell Unit in Lewisham is within walking distance of Lewisham town centre, where there is a street market, a bowling alley, gyms, and a large shopping centre.

St Thomas’ is a large, busy general hospital serving central London. There is an ATM on site and a number of places to buy food including M&S, WH Smith, the hospital restaurant and a few smaller cafes, one of which is 24hr. There are many shops and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Transport links 

The Maudsley and King’s are opposite each other on Denmark Hill, and are convenient for public transport. Trains run from Denmark Hill (including the Overground) and Loughborough Junction. There are plenty of well-connected bus stops nearby and there is a free bus to and from The Bethlem.

To get to the Bethlem, trains run from London Bridge to Eden Park, (10 minute walk away). West and East Croydon Stations offer regular and far-reaching services. The city is well connected by tram and bus. 119 and 198 buses from Croydon go to The Bethlem.

To get to Lambeth Hospital, by Tube: Nearest station Clapham North (5-10 minute walk), with Stockwell and Brixton also within easy walking distance. Rail: Nearest station is Clapham High Street on the London Overground line ~ 10 minutes’ walk. Bus: Routes 88, 155 (24hrs), 345 (24hrs), 355 and P5 serve the Hospital.

For Lewisham, the nearest train station to the hospital is Ladywell, a short walk from the hospital. Trains connect to London Bridge, Waterloo East and Charing Cross and towards Hayes, Kent in the other direction. Lewisham station is approximately 20 minutes’ walk away or a short bus ride. There are many bus routes nearby.

St Thomas’s nearest tube stations are Westminster (5 minute walk), Waterloo (10 minute walk) and Lambeth North (10 minute walk). Rail:   Nearest Waterloo and Waterloo East (10 minute walk), Victoria and Charing Cross are also not far.
Bus:   Many routes serve St Thomas’.

Parking arrangements 

The Maudsley has two parking spaces for the ‘On-call doctor’. If you are working out of hours (OOH) at the Maudsley or at King’s you can park free of charge - just notify the Maudsley Reception. There are bike racks both at the Maudsley main entrance, between the ORTUS Training Centre and the IoPPN and outside King’s.

At the Bethlem, there is ample free parking on site for motorists and bike racks for the adventurous – both driving and cycling take 35 minutes from Denmark Hill.
At Lambeth there is free but limited parking on the site for permit holders. Permits can be obtained from the Porters Lodge.

At Lewisham Hospital, parking spaces are very limited and most people park in the surrounding roads. There are many covered cycle racks on site. The parking office at UHL can issue a car parking permit to park at local roads at a cost of around £45 per month. A car parking card can be purchased on site for night shifts and evening shifts only.

St Thomas’ Hospital is located in the Congestion zone. Parking is very limited in the visitor’s car park, we would advise you to use public transport. Bicycle racks are located near the front of the main reception alongside Gassiot House.

Most community sites have free parking.

Accolates/achievements of the trust

The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, which dates back to the foundation of Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1247, the oldest psychiatric institution in the world, provides the widest range of NHS mental health services in the UK.

We provide NHS care and treatment for people with mental health problems. We also provide services for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. As well as serving the communities of South London, we provide specialist services for people from across the UK and beyond.

Locally, we deliver mental health services for people living in the London boroughs of Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark; and substance misuse services for residents of Bexley, Lambeth, Greenwich, Southwark and Wandsworth.

We provide clinical services in seven London boroughs, with a combined population of nearly 2 million people covering an area of 168 square miles, rich in culture, diversity and architecture.

We are part of an Academic Health Sciences Centre called King's Health Partners with King’s College London, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts. Our aim is to be a leader in improving health and wellbeing - locally, nationally and globally.

The Trust is a truly unique organisation, offering excellence in treatment, research and training.  There are very few organisations in the world that have such wide-ranging capabilities working with mental illness. Our scope is unique because it is built on three major foundations: care and treatment, science and research, and training.

Service users benefit from the highest level of care; research teams explore new and better treatments; and in-house training facilities pass on the latest knowledge and skills to staff members. Close relationships between these three faculties ensure that lessons learned from patient contact and research can be translated into effective treatment, benefiting people locally, nationally and internationally.

We are increasingly focused on promoting mental health and wellbeing rather than simply responding to mental illness. Our philosophy of care is the recovery model. We provide treatment that helps people get well and stay well, so they can achieve their full potential. Above all, we believe change is possible, no matter how long someone has had a mental health problem, or how much this has changed their life.

Our integrated adult services make it possible for us to address both an individual’s mental health and social care needs. In particular, we are focusing more on early intervention: getting help to people sooner and supporting them at an earlier stage in their lives – especially younger people. Our work is about changing lives, not just for individuals, but in partnership with them.

The Maudsley Training Programme guarantees high quality training in evidenced-based psychiatry, working in a wide range of specialties, sub-specialities and clinical settings.  You will have access to world-class educational resources from affiliations with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London and King’s Health Partners.

Any additional information 


Foundation programme sepcific information

Induction/shadowing arrangements

Dedicated inductions to working in psychiatry are organised every 4 months at the start of your psychiatry placement (August, December, April).   Inductions cover topics such as psychiatric assessment, risk assessment, mental health law and safe prescribing.  You will receive training using simulation as well as a Course covering PSTS (Promoting Safe & Therapeutic Services).   In addition, at the August rotation you will receive details of your local induction to the teams you will be working with and will complete a checklist with a member of the team confirming this has taken place.

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend Induction, you should contact the Postgraduate Education Training Centre – phone 0203 228 3834 or email

The August induction, for all SLaM trainees, runs for 3 days.  This will not clash with your host Trust induction which you should attend as a priority.                                           

Educational and clinical supervision

You will receive regular supervision sessions with your clinical supervisor.   

You should meet with your educational supervisor at regular mutually agreed intervals to discuss training progress and make sure your e-portfolio is up to date.

Teaching programme

A joint (both F1s & F2s) monthly half day teaching programme is organised, run by Dr Gopinath Ranjith and Dr Thomas Gilberthorpe. 

This is held on a Monday afternoon at the Denmark Hill or St Thomas’ Hospital sites. Information regarding the dates and programme will be circulated well in advance.

You will have protected time to attend all mandatory training sessions and foundation teaching organised by your employing Trust.


Formal Taster weeks can be organised during your foundation placement, either in another branch of psychiatry or a different specialty, by discussing with your consultant supervisor.  You will need to give advance notice of your intention to do this.  Dr Ranjith, Foundation Lead, can help to organise psychiatry tasters for you.  Also, after discussion with your clinical supervisor, you may spend a day or two observing another service if you wish.


As a trainee on The Maudsley Training Programme you will have access to a range of courses provided by Maudsley Simulation, which is located at Reay House at the Lambeth Hospital site. This includes the Introductory Simulation in Clinical Skills Course (ISiCS) which is offered to all new trainees to the Trust. For further information and to view the full catalogue of simulation courses please visit, email , or telephone 0203 228 6149.

Foundation doctor forums

While there is no specific Foundation doctors forum at SLaM, Doctors are encourage to get involved with the Junior Doctors Committee and any forums organised at their host Trust.

As a Foundation trainee you will automatically be matched up with a core psychiatry trainee as your mentor, as part of the Peer Mentoring scheme.  You can choose to opt out of this opportunity if you wish and if so, will need to inform one of the Peer Mentoring Leads at induction, Dr(s) Christoph Mueller (  , Christine Chan (, Kuljit Hunjan ( & Sarah Ashurst-Williams (

Any additional information

 Learning Opportunities

The foundation jobs allow trainees to acquire most of the skills in the foundation curriculum.  By the end of your 4 month placement you are expected to achieve the mental health competencies expected of a foundation trainee.  These include taking a history, performing a mental state examination, cognitive screening and risk assessment, formulating a management plan and writing a psychiatric report.  

The majority of your Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) are consultant led. You should make sure that you do the recommended minimum number of SLEs with your clinical supervisor or other clinicians in the team.

You will have ample opportunity to get involved in clinical audit and quality improvement projects.  If you express an interest in research, you can be directed to an academic psychiatrist whose research interests match yours.  We can also provide advice on applying for Academic Clinical Fellowships in psychiatry if this is of interest to you.