South West London & St George's Mental Health NHS Trust

Trust details

Trust name

South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

Hospital Site/Clinic (if applicable)

Hospital and Community sites across South West London


Trust Headquarters
Springfield Hospital
61 Glenburnie Road
SW17 7DJ

Trust Switchboard Tel No

020 3513 5000

Trust web site



Terms and Conditions of employment

Foundation doctors remain employees of the Acute Trust, and are given an honorary contract with the Mental Health Trust.

Key personnel

Director of Medical Education 

Dr Louise Guest                                                                       



Foundation Training Programme Director

Dr Marcus Hughes

Medical Education Manager

Catherine Gray

 Medical Staffing Manager

Rob Bryan

 Foundation Programme Administrator

Marie Wilson


Postgraduate centre

The Postgraduate facilities are based at Springfield Hospital, with an additional base at Tolworth Hospital.

The administrative centre is located at:

Medical Education Department, Entrance 11, Newton Building 7

Springfield Hospital, Glenburnie Road, London SW17 7DJ


See the accommodation section for each Acute Trust.

Doctors' mess 

Springfield Site, Doctors Mess, Building 7
Tolworth Site, Woodroffe House.

Library facilities 

Library facilities are available at Springfield and Tolworth Hospital. Doctors working at the Trust have access to the medical school library at St George’s University of London, including an extensive electronic journal collection.

IT facilities 

 All clinical sites provide access to IT facilities.

Local amenities/attractions                                                

South West London is ideally situated between the attractions of central London and the open spaces of Surrey and Sussex

Transport links 

Excellent transport links to central London and to Surrey and the south coast.

Parking arrangements 

Parking permits are available at Springfield and Tolworth Hospitals for a maximum daily fee of currently £1.

Accolades/achievements of the trust

In Psychiatry we place a lot of importance on postgraduate training and supervision.  The Trust has one of the most successful postgraduate training programmes in London.  All Educational Supervisors are accredited, and all undergo continuing professional development specifically geared to their educational role.



Foundation programme specific information

Induction/shadowing arrangements                                                      

For Foundation Year 1 doctors starting their first post in Psychiatry in August, there has generally been an opportunity to shadow in the week prior to starting in post.  All doctors will complete the full induction programme in the parent acute trust, and will have local inductions when they join their placement in psychiatry.

Educational and clinical supervision

Foundation doctors working in psychiatry have regular one-to-one contact with their supervising consultant throughout the post.

Teaching programme

All the teaching programmes in the parent acute Trust are considered protected teaching time.  Additional teaching in psychiatry will also be available.


Foundation Year 2 doctors will be encouraged to make use of their taster weeks.  The Trust can offer tasters in Psychiatry for doctors considering Psychiatry as a career.


All doctors will attend their scheduled simulation training in the parent acute trust.  In addition, doctors working at South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG) currently have free access to an extensive programme of further simulation training, such as one-day training to help managing difficult patient encounters.  These simulation days have been very well received by current Foundation doctors.  The SWLSTG simulation lead is Dr Francesca Ducci. 

Foundation doctor forums

 Foundation doctors are encouraged to participate in forums and trainee groups

Any additional information

Psychiatry placements in this Trust are available on the following rotations:

  • Epsom & St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In a recent survey of all Foundation doctors in this Trust, trainees reported a high level of satisfaction in their psychiatry placements.  They reported feeling supported, and also empowered to be involved in decision making and managing complex patients.

Patient feedback on their care by foundation doctors working in psychiatry was also high.

Foundation doctors are encouraged to maintain strong links with the parent acute trust during their placement in Psychiatry.  All Foundation Year 1 doctors in psychiatry placements off the acute trust site will have regular clinical time back at the acute trust.  This is important for FY1 doctors, allowing them to meet and work regularly with their peer group and to maintain their physical health skills.  The exact arrangements vary between the acute trusts, but one example is that FY1 doctors spend 4 days each week in their psychiatry placement and 1 day each week back at the acute trust, working in an acute medical setting.