Choose Psychiatry – it’s a discipline where you really get to know your patients

Working in Psychiatry has much to offer, and as many of our Consultants testify it is the one area where you really get to know your patients. With more Psychiatrists needed in the NHS it’s a perfect time to choose psychiatry as your career offering diversity, work-life balance and more opportunities than you might think;

  • As a Psychiatrist, you will get to really know a patient, sometimes better than friends and family
  • You treat the whole person, addressing their physical and mental health needs
  • Every day presents different challenges, calling on your medical expertise and problem-solving skills
  • In a recent NHS survey, the top three trusts where medical staff were in training felt personally satisfied with the quality of work and care they delivered were from the mental health sector
  • When you treat someone with a complex mental illness, such as perinatal psychosis you’re helping them, their family, their friends and society – the ripple effect is immense
  • Psychiatry saves lives
  • It’s is a job for the clinically curious who are fascinated by human behaviour.


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