For current F1 Trainees : We are looking to recruit teachers to run the ATSP scheme in YOUR trust.

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Dear all  current F1 Trainees,

We are looking to recruit teachers to run the ATSP scheme in YOUR trust.

Please sign up to ONE of the following half-day teacher training events to prepare you to deliver the ATSP teaching programme at your hospital:

Monday 26th June 2017 OR Wednesday 28th June 2017

at Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath

 9am- 12pm

If you would like to become an ATSP Teacher and be involved in teaching the new FY1 doctors during the 2017 consolidation period at your Hospital Trust please email: with the subject heading“ATSP – [insert date]” and tell us:

1)     Your name

2)     The hospital that you work at

3)     The session that you would like to attend  

As you may remember from August last year, ATSP “Asked To See Patient” is a Health Education England affiliated peer-delivered teaching project that is run during the shadowing/consolidation period in July/August for all new FY1 doctors. It is delivered by current FY1 doctors – you! – as you can (hopefully!) still remember what it felt like just before your first on call shift. This means that you are in the best position to impart all of the hints and tips needed to get the next group of FY1 doctors through their very own first on call shifts!

To ensure consistency across Health Education England, some training is required to be able to teach at the ATSP sessions. You only have to attend one of the “ATSP teaching the teachers” sessions.  You will each receive a certificate for attending the course and also for running the scheme at your relative trusts.

Please only sign up when you are certain you are able to make the “ATSP teaching the teachers” training session. The deadline for registration is 16th June 2017. You won't be able to participate if you do not register and attend the training. You may wish to liaise with the foundation programme leads within your education department to see when the new FY1 ATSP peer-delivered teaching sessions are likely to be held at your hospital.
There is no limit to the number of ATSP Teachers per trust but we recommend approximately 2-3 ATSP Teacher


per trust. However, there is a maximum room capacity and we need to ensure attendance from all Hospital Trusts involved, so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For those of you in the same trusts you DO NOT need to attend the same session. Both sessions will be identical. Once you have attended the training day, you can meet locally with fellow trust ATSP Teachers and discuss the format of your teaching session. 
Any queries please email

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Amie and Caroline- ATSP South Thames Foundation School committee

ATSP South Thames committee: 

ATSP national training programme: