Starting at STFS


May 2015

Congratulations on your success in your application to STFS.

We are expecting you to start your foundation training programme in your allocated trust by no later than 30 July 2015.  (Details of shadowing arrangements/start dates for all STFS affiliated trusts are available at


1. STFS Registration Form – please complete by Monday 15 June
2. Obtain a professional e-mail account
3. Foundation ePortfolio – please access by Monday 27July
4. Health Issues
5. Resources to make use of before commencing F1
6. Safe prescribing
7. On-going communication
8. STFS and its staff

1. STFS Registration Form
All incoming foundation doctors must complete an on-line STFS registration form.  Please complete and return by Monday 15 June. Failure to do so may result in your ePortfolio log in details being withheld and a meeting being arranged with the Foundation School Director.

2. Obtain a professional e-mail account

It is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain a functional e-mail account which receives communications from STFS including attachments.  When obtaining an account, please ensure that you use a professional email address i.e. do not use nicknames etc. STFS retains the right to decline the use of any email address which it deems inappropriate.  It is also important for you to have separate social and professional e-mails and identity – e.g. if you use Facebook ensure that you link it to an e-mail address to which patients do not have access.

3. Foundation ePortfolio –

The portfolio has been designed to help you plan and manage your foundation programme. It is based on the Foundation Programme Curriculum (see section 5 below and please read through the ‘Supervised learning events (SLEs) and assessment’ section, pages 55 – 62).  Within it, you will find aids to help you identify your educational needs, set goals and plan how to achieve them, including details of your supervised learning events, assessments and reflective practice, and guidance on how to demonstrate competences. 
Please see below the process you will need to follow to log in to and become familiar with your ePortfolio before the start of your F1 year:
i. Your foundation ePortfolio login details will be sent via email to your medical school email account by Monday 20 July. If you have not received it by 18:00 on this date please contact
(Please do not contact STFS for foundation ePortfolio login details before the date and time above). **Please note that you will not be able to access ePortfolio until the date that you have requested for your GMC provisional registration to go live.  Please do NOT try to access your ePortfolio account before this date.**
ii. Follow the link in your email and log in to the ePortfolio using the login details provided by Monday 27 July (or the date you have requested your GMC provisional registration to go live if earlier/later).
iii. You will be presented with the option to change your password.
iv. Once changed, you will see your ‘Welcome to ePortfolio’ “Home” screen.
v. Hover over “Home” at the top of the page and then select “Personal details” from to drop down menu.
vi. The following details have been pre-entered for you:
- First name, Last Name, GMC Number 
- Medical School                                                                                                                                                    - Foundation School
Please check these details. If you find any errors, contact so that we can make any amendments in our system, as well as in the ePortfolio, for you.
- Medical school email address (ie email address provided in FPAS)
Please update your medical school email address to your professional email address, which you should have also provided in your STFS registration form.
vii. Complete the remaining empty fields:
- Postal address
- Mobile telephone
viii. Once all of your personal details are correct, click “Save Changes”.
ix. Then, select “Post / Supervisor Details” from the “Home” drop down menu.
x. The following details have been pre-entered for you:
- STFS programme code 
- Post details                                                                                                                                                   Please check these details. If you find any errors, contact so that we can make any amendments in our system, as well as in the ePortfolio, for you.
- Supervisors  
Please check these details. If you find any errors, contact your local postgraduate centre Foundation Programme Administrator so that they can make any amendments in the ePortfolio for you.
xi. You are required to electronically sign a number of Declarations and Agreements within your ePortfolio account, but please note that this will not be available until the start of the training year – 5 August 2015. Further local guidance will be provided.
xii. You will be able to create personal development plan (PDP) entries, but no other content until the start of the training year.

4. Health Issues

Please note: If you have a blood-borne virus and have not already done so, please contact Kata Várnai (, 020 7089 7525) as soon as possible in order to arrange a confidential discussion with one of the Foundation School Directors as your programme may need to be adjusted.
(STFS Blood-Borne Virus policy is available at

Please note: In order to support our Transfer of Information process a separate confidential communication will be sent to the FTPD at your employing Trust to flag up any of the following issues we are aware of:
• Offered Language and Communication Resource Unit (LaCRU) training
• Undertaken the national clinical assessment exam
• Declared a disability
• Declared a blood-borne virus (BBV)
• Declared a criminal conviction
• Declared a fitness to practice issue with the GMC
• Approved ‘special circumstances’ from medical school

5. Resources to make use of before commencing F1

STFS Website
The STFS website provides all the information you may require to complete the foundation programme successfully, including STFS policies and procedures.  We would strongly encourage you to check the page summarising changes/updates made to the site on a weekly basis (available via the STFS home page).       

Dr Toolbox                                                                                                                    and                                                                               Dr Toolbox is a website set up and run by junior doctors that provides up-to-date local trust/departmental information relevant to other junior doctors. The site has been created to help doctors retain local hospital knowledge and pass it on to their successors, so that they can hit the ground running, and so should be especially useful to you during your induction/shadowing period and when you rotate between posts in December and April.  STFS will arrange for you to receive access to your F1 trust Dr Toolbox page and you will receive an e-mail in early July confirming your username and password.

UK Foundation Programme website
This provides official information for medical students, foundation doctors, foundation schools, deanery staff and anyone involved in recruiting or training foundation doctors.  The following documents can also be found there.

Foundation Programme Curriculum
We would strongly encourage you to download a copy and read it carefully.

Reference Guide
This guide has been developed to support the implementation and delivery of foundation training and provides details of national procedures that foundation schools will follow.

Foundation Programme Curriculum 2012 Resource (this automatically downloads a pdf file to your computer)
(Source page:
This resource aims to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of the topics set out in the FP Curriculum 2012. It lists many of the freely available evidence-based resources which will help to consolidate and develop the knowledge and skills to deliver safe and effective patient care.

NHS Careers - Junior Doctor Induction Pack
NHS Careers will be issuing its induction pack again this year for the latest group of F1 doctors.  This will only be available on-line as a PDF in a printer friendly version and an electronic copy will be emailed to you before you start your F1 programme. STFS will also circulate the link to all trainees when it is available.

6. Safe prescribing                                                                                                          STFS is NOT going to host a PSA sitting on 27 July. Instead our linked trusts carry out our or their own prescribing assessment on new starters, using local charts etc. The aim is to identify any areas of prescribing weakness and provide support, for example by use of specific SCRIPT e-learning modules.  You will receive a separate communication from STFS during July providing you with access to the SCRIPT e-learning modules. See the STFS website for further information.

7. On-going communication

STFS trainee bulletins
STFS produces regular electronic bulletins on a regular basis in order to keep you up-to-date with key dates/deadlines, events and issues relating to your postgraduate medical education and these will be emailed to your professional e-mail address.  Copies of previous bulletins are available at

8. STFS and its staff

Detailed information about STFS and its staff is available at and  If you have any queries or would like to contact us please e-mail

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the South Thames Foundation School and wish you every success with your training over the next two years.

Best wishes,

Dr Jan Welch - Director (London Bridge office)
Dr Mark Cottee - Associate Director (Tooting office)
Dr Martin Parry - Associate Director (Brighton office)