Medical Students

The foundation programme is the bridge between undergraduate medical education and postgraduate training to become a general practitioner or specialist.  STFS aims to provide our new doctors with the support and opportunities to enable them to make this transition successfully.

My experience in STFS

"My two years in South Thames consisted of one year in Croydon University Hospital and one year in East Surrey Hospital, the general theme of placements is one year in London and one year out - this gives a significantly different experience both in terms of patient demographics and services offered. There are of course some exceptions that give two placements out of London for those who prefer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two years in DGHs, I felt I had more opportunity to perform procedures and see bread and butter medicine than I may have in a large tertiary centre. On the other hand my friends in the big London hospitals said how interesting it can be to see particularly rare pathology and the excitement of ED when complex trauma came through the door that would bypass a DGH. All hospitals give a slightly different flavour which is why it is great that you get to experience the difference in the two years!

Of course there are always down sides, you might have to end up moving house between the two years and it's a shame that you lose the relationships you have formed with your seniors and allied health team when moving hospital. There are always some of us who need to stay in one location for two years for family reasons etc. So to this extent STFS have formed some 2 year programmes that give exactly that. This also provides added continuity for the incoming F1s who have a point of contact for how to go about certain tasks - which is sometimes invaluable.

Overall STFS is an extremely well run foundation school that gives a vast array of opportunities and experience to all foundation doctors wherever you are."


Dr Adam Woodman-Bailey

STFS foundation doctor 2014-16