Foundation School Transfers

Transfers normally take place either at the start of the F1 or F2 year. Arrangements for FSTs must be agreed between foundation school directors on the basis of individual trainee requirements if there are special circumstances.

Transfers will take place only if:

  • there are places available in the receiving Foundation School
  • the applicant has jointly satisfied both Foundation Schools that there are special circumstances for doing so

Guidance Notes and an Application Form are available on the UKFPO website under “Key Documents”  (

Process for allocating applicants who apply to transfer to STFS

If your application to transfer is approved by both Foundation Schools, you will be placed on a waiting list subject to vacancies becoming available.  Until the transfer is confirmed, you will remain allocated to your current Foundation School.

Applicants on the waiting list will be allocated to a vacant programme according to their combined SJT and EPM score.

Please note that STFS is a very large Foundation School and we are unable to guarantee availability of a programme for you within a reasonable commute of your home.

Should no vacancies become available, STFS will notify you and your current Foundation School by no later than the end of June that the transfer is unable to go ahead.