Specialty Training

An overview of specialty training, including details of the recruitment processes for all specialties/grades and competition ratios can be found on the specialty training website at http://www.specialtytraining.hee.nhs.uk/. STFS trainees also receive regular e-mail bulletins which include information about recruitment to specialty training.

Specific information regarding recruitment to specialty training programmes within KSS Deanery is available at http://prospectus.kssdeanery.ac.uk/ and within London Deanery is available at http://www.londondeanery.ac.uk/var/recruitment/specialty-recruitment.

The websites below shows detailed competition data for each postgraduate deanery across the UK 2010. However, when using competition ratio data, you should always bear in mind that:

  1. Previous years’ application figures are not always an accurate indicator of future patterns.
  2. Healthcare is changing rapidly and is increasingly being delivered in a community setting. Around half of all training posts in the next few years will be in General Practice, whereas the number of training posts in some specialties such as surgery is decreasing.
  3. Competition ratios vary considerably by specialty and location, with some being much more competitive than others.

England: http://specialtytraining.hee.nhs.uk/specialty-recruitment/competition-ratios/

Wales: http://www.walesdeanery.org/index.php/en/career-planning-resources/how-do-i-decide/recruitment-to-specialty-training.html

Scotland: http://www.scotmt.scot.nhs.uk/specialty/competition-ratios.aspx

Northern Ireland: http://www.nimdta.gov.uk/recruitment/specialty-recruitment/